Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties (BESD, EBSD, and SEBD) 

When young people have a real problem controlling their emotions and impulses in social or interactive situations we are likely to see disruptive, unpredictable or even violent behaviour. Understanding these youngsters is important if we are to develop strategies to include them in mainstream classrooms as much as is possible.

How is SEBD handled in the education system now?

How, typically, does SEBD manifest itself in a classroom or school?

What do teachers need to know in order to prepare for SEBD events?

What are the skills that will help teachers to manage events?

What systems, policies and leadership skills does a school need to have in order to assure the success of Inclusion strategy?

The next online series of workshops will be

1. SEND: Strategies for the mainstream teacher

2. SEBD – Social and Emotional Behavioural Difficulties

3. EBD: Inclusion skills and strategies

4. Leadership, people and data

Please note that whilst the content is still being organised and optimised for online presentation we can still provide bespoke INSET and webinars on these important subjects and more.

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