Reflection and Collaboration with IRIS Connect

Teachers and their students can learn so much about their respective teaching and learning just by simply observing themselves and reflecting on what they see in a video. The impact is multiplied exponentially by sharing and collaboration, and then again with the guidance of a trusted coach, mentor or expert.

IRIS Connect has been designed for this very purpose in schools, ITE and ECF contexts. Teach First, EDT and the Chartered College of Teaching are examples of the providers that collaborate with IRIS Connect. Read the blog here.

Discover the power of video for effective teacher CPD.

Your dedicated EQuis trainer will show you how to setup your recording – and guide you along every step of the way.

Experienced EQuis teachers can show you how to use IRIS Connect functionality to best achieve the outcomes you have identified.

Sometimes the expectations are very simple e.g. record and self reflect on how engaged your students are during an activity or whilst you’re talking. In the future you may want to share and discuss methods of supporting a particular SEND student or how you use feedback to facilitate progress.

Record classroom-based and online teaching


The IRIS Connect Record App and Screen Capture technology enable easy lesson recording. Once the recording is finished, the video automatically uploads to the teacher’s secure, private account.

The IRIS Connect platform is fully GDPR compliant with all the latest technology for ensuring personal safety and data security.

Reflect and Analyse


The playback interface provides access to a range of intuitive tools including quick edit, real-time notes, counting, timing and reporting widgets for deeper self reflection and professional discussions.

Share and Collaborate


Provide opportunities for coaching, peer collaboration and better informed non- inspectorial feedback sessions. Teachers can choose to share video and receive contextualised feedback through time-stamped comments whilst connecting through ROOMS – IRIS Connect’s integrated videoconferencing tool built especially for teachers.

Learn and Improve

Leverage the collective wisdom of your teachers and build libraries of good practice online. The ‘Groups’ tab provides access to valuable knowledge at the click of a button—a fantastic resource for ECTs in particular.

There are dozens of ready made Film Club programmes and webinars— all in a seamlessly collaborative environment.

Safeguarding and Security

Safeguarding and Security are the main drivers underpinning the technological development of IRIS Connect.

All classroom videos are encrypted and automatically uploaded to the teacher’s private and secure account in the fully GDPR compliant platform. By default, only the teacher who uploaded the recording has access to it unless they decide to share. Full control and privacy is ensured for every user.

Classroom Video Recording Devices

Discovery Starter Kit and ‘Go-Live’

The Discovery Kit’s combination of dual view technology and high quality audio ensures you capture every interaction.

The ‘Go-Live’ feature offers a flexible solution for observing lessons remotely and providing immediate and effective feedback.

Designed with busy teachers in mind, each camera is simple to set up and light to carry between classrooms to enable no-hassle recording.

Ask your EQuis Sales Consultant to talk to you about
Video-enabled CPD and IRIS Connect.

We will advise on kit options —- if you need any – and help you to set up internal resources and systems to make sure your implementation goes as smoothly as possible.

EQuis are dedicated to ensuring that your…

  • needs are satisfied,
  • your outcomes secured and
  • ROI is achieved.

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