Project Development and Support

We have 207 projects on the go at this very moment in time. Once designed and scheduled most of them are ongoing and just need a check-in and review once a half-term. Others need quicker outcomes, more regular contact and greater collaboration. Some require significant behaviour and systemic culture change and even interim management. We can also offer complete ‘outsourced’ management of your CPD programme and budget, saving many hours of valuable teacher-time and guaranteeing efficiency.

If you want to improve quality of teaching, learning progress, inclusivity, management structure, communication systems or relationships then let’s arrange a telephone call to get things started.

1. EQuis-School Partnership to focus on one aspect of development with whole school support.

2. Quick-fire, voluntary, online whole-staff surveys – confidential and anonymised to inform us about relationships, communications and culture.

3. Clear aims, expectations and planning.

4. Supported wholly online through private collaboration space and own video conference ROOMS*

5. No paperwork!

*IRIS Connect’s integrated, built for Education video conferencing tool.

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