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Professional development doesn’t need to be about long courses, with seemingly endless powerpoint presentations and loads of content that has to be ‘got through’ in order to record something in your performance management file.

Of course this is important, but many teachers and their mentors/leaders/coaches are telling us they just don’t have the time for meaningful professional development. And by ‘meaningful’ we mean that it has have an impact in the classroom. At best the professional learner has to find several hours per week of their own time then try to remember and internalise mountains of information and ideas – then try to use it all when they get back into the classroom or workplace.

EQ-TV has a (not ‘the’) solution….

We’ve decided to create hundreds of very short clips (3 to 6 minutes) that each focus on one or two key principles or ideas and…

…are presented in a memorable and engaging way

… are accessible via your phone anytime, anywhere

… are fully up to date with current thinking and evidence

… are aligned with DfE guidance and recommendations

… are supported by experts

… are categorised, searchable and shareable

… are progress trackable

And you can earn certificates simply by using what you’ve learnt in the classroom or workplace and feeding back so that others can benefit from your experience.

Almost a hundred schools have experienced success through this programme, which Equis now presents as a package of video resources using a blended training approach. John Beighton’s coaching methodology is presented through detailed guidance, video explanations and engaging activities which prompt meaningful discussion. It is for school leaders, but also beneficial to individuals who want to develop key coaching skills and methods. The programme’s overall aim is to help schools develop their own coaching philosophy and team of coaches to impact learning and progress in a positive and sustainable way.

Watch the intro below…

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