Meet Emma Gardner, Our Teacher Development Expert 

Welcome to our blog! Here at Equis, we improve teaching and learning experiences in schools for all, through high-quality PD programmes and expertise.

Between the team, we’ll be blogging about articles and news relevant to the professional development of teachers as well as exciting new PD opportunities and more! We are a team of talents at Equis, but sharing the news and ideas about what’s current and getting it ‘out there’ is so far down to me.

Let me introduce myself: I’m Emma (Nice to ‘meet’ you!). For 12 years I was a Leader and a teacher in primary schools, but recently I decided to hang up my proverbial mortarboard and tassel to join this already established outfit of impassioned teacher development experts.

I look very happy don’t I? Well I am! I love teaching and have worked with fantastic practitioners and leaders in schools over time but I needed a change and am thrilled to be involved in something different but still have an impact. It’s a different kind of busy!

Amongst various things, I’ve been helping schools to implement the use of the Iris Connect video technology for training and development (it is truly transformational stuff!).

I’ve also been helping behaviour management expert, John Bayley, to produce a series of online programmes which support teachers to cope with challenging situations in their classroom.

There’s nothing quite like it – teachers, or schools follow each episode by watching real classroom video which they can then discuss and reflect on, and complete a number of tasks. And in Series 2 (spoiler alert!), teachers are given mocked-up roles to play in a teacher-student meeting scenario.

Its all carefully set up and prepared so participants are supported with the process. I was involved in the pilot and, as well as finding it surprising easy to do ‘drama’ with a bunch of strangers, I felt it became as close to experiencing the real thing as you could get, therefore really valuable learning! There are other projects in the pipeline.

I’m working with John Beighton, whose Coaching for Learning and Progress programme for schools is well underway (more on this to come!) There are plenty more fantastic and useful programmes taking shape too. I absolutely love this job so far. Teachers are amazing people (they aren’t told often enough) and I feel like I’m making a difference! Follow this EquisinEducation blog for future news and articles relevant to professional learning for educators.

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