John Beighton’s Coaching for Learning and Progress

An online video-based programme for developing school-based coaches

Seven aspects of coaching, Seven sessions of 40-45 minutes.

John Beighton is one of the most successful School Improvement Consultants in the UK.

Improve learning and progress in your school

An online learning experience for groups or individuals

Develop a strong team of coaches in your school

Who is John Beighton?

John Beighton, currently Executive Headteacher for the Islington Futures Federation of four inner city community schools, is one of the most successful School Improvement Consultants in the UK. During his many years in the Education Service as a teacher, Head, Exec Head, chief inspector, and Government advisor he has developed a unique approach and plethora of resources to support a school’s focus on the quality of learning and progress.

About these programmes

Nearly a hundred schools have experienced success through this programme, which Equis now presents as an online learning experience using a blended training approach. John’s coaching methodology is presented through detailed guidance, video explanations and engaging activities which prompt meaningful discussion. It is for school leaders, but also beneficial to individuals who want to develop key coaching skills and methods. The programme’s overall aim is to help schools develop their own coaching philosophy and team of coaches to impact learning and progress in a positive and sustainable way.

Programme Aims

This programme…

…positions the learning as the key focus, rather than the teaching

…recognises that coaching is a process and not a one-off event

avoids inspectorial-style approaches to observation and feedback

…ensures that areas for development are identified by and with teachers, not for them through joint ‘professional discussion’

…helps build strong, collaborating teams of colleagues

…includes discussion boards for feedback and talk around the content

…develops educators’ mutual understanding about teaching and learning

improves student outcomes for learning and progress 

…takes the pressure off teachers and enables them to develop through feedback about the learning

…segways neatly with the Student Partners in Learning Programme (develops students as Coaching Partners and Independent Learners)

…is supported by the IRIS Connect CPD platform content and functionality

Programme Structure

Aspect 1: Coaching Methodology and Skills

Define what it is to coach and reflect on your coaching profile at the start of this journey. Which are the skills you will need to develop? Plan the implementation of the programme to achieve success.

Aspect 2: Forming Judgements

Reflect on current practices and discuss what an observer should notice in a lesson. Learn about the ‘Pegs for Learning’, the six elements of a lesson you should focus on to achieve improved learning and progress.

Aspect 3: Learning Objectives and Learning Outcomes

Examine your school’s current practice. Consider the purpose of objectives and how to write them effectively. Be clear on the difference between learning objectives and outcomes and find out how to use outcomes effectively to devise scaffolds for learning. Learn which sources (such as the ECF, GCSE syllabuses) can be useful to support learning outcomes.

Aspect 4: Student Engagement and Involvement

What does engagement look like? John defines student engagement and suggests how to identify it. In what ways can a teacher promote better student engagement? Watch a classroom video clip and analyse it with colleagues. Reflect on students’ attitudes and consider how students being involved in their own learning impacts them.

Aspect 5: The Classroom Visit

Think about how you should behave when observing in the classroom (as opposed to using video technology). John provides guidance on what to do, but also what to look for and offers questions which will guide your focus.

Aspect 6: Recording What You Observe

Review current methods or methods you have used. John describes a way of recording aspects of a lesson that will support the coaching conversation that will follow the observation. You will apply what you have learnt so far.

Aspect 7: The Professional Discussion

This crucial aspect draws out the skills needed to ensure the follow-up professional discussion with the teacher culminates in positive changes that impact favourably on learning and progress. How will you prepare for the discussion and which skills do you need to develop to enable the teacher to extract their own next steps.

Programme Review

What will your coaching profile look like now? How will you expand the group of coaches in your school?  Participants will receive a certificate of completion. Apply your learning from the course by tasking your coaches to support their colleagues in a cycle of coaching.

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